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ill post

since i have nothing better to do.

i just spoke to my ++++++ gas mask guy. itd been a while. id missed him. damn people for having lives!@#!$@#! :oP

i also cleaned up a bit. still need to vacuum, and take the trash out, but at least i can walk.

guy from worked called when he got my ecards. hes a homie.

hiedi called too, but i only spoke to her for a second.

oh, i got crap for xmas. really. i wish my mom had just given me cash so i could pay my credit card bill, or my parking ticket, but instead she bought me crap. it was nice of her to actually think of me this year, but money would have been so much more useful to me than crap ill never touch. there wasnt any coal, so does this mean ive been a good girl? maybe its just not as amusing when i dont believe in santa.

been doin the drinkin thing all night. beer is all gone. guess ill try to sleep, since i said i would n all.

oh, the jewelry for my labret came, so i decided to repierce it. that wasnt nearly as painful as i was expecting. you people are fuckin pussys! :oP

thinkin about ordering books. need to keep myself entertained with somethin, right? riiiiight.
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