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i just need to start doin the massage thing for money. if i could somehow arrange it so i had like 1 rich client a day. do like, a massage, body wrap & slat glow, or some other therapy, that would be enough. just one client a day. thats all id need. now where the hell can i find me some clients!@#!#$!@$#! i need to find out what the laws are, cause maybe i could offer a free facial with a beauty/wellness package like that. i think i can give one, just cant charge for it cause im not an esthetician. which sucks. dont know why they taught it. oh well. anyhow, maybe it could be like the bonus, just to make the package more appealing n stuff. yeah, yeah, yeah? ive gotta go talk to john. ooo, wonder if hell teach me tai chi. last time we tried, i was in so much pain. i bet hed give private lessons. i need to get realigned, then go to the gym religiously so im not so weak. the good thing about me is i have an addictive personality, so going to the gym is something i could easily become addicted to. its not like i havent been addicted to workin out before. the hardest part is getting off my ass. pam used to say i was good if i was moving. once i stopped it was a bitch getting me going again. she was right. if hiedi was here id just make her go with me. when its just me, its hard. im really only good at taking care of others, and getting them to do stuff they should be doin. which reminds me, someone is getting a gas mask for xmas. so am i.

you have no idea how sick i am :o\

in school they always thought i was gonna be a gang prevention counselor, or shrink. hahaha. im sure they werent thinking bodywork. oh well. but make-up, i know they saw that comin. i could actually see myself teaching, if anything. thatd be a more fulfilling relationship. whoa. bright idea.

double bright idea.

triple bright idea (if i dont pee ill explode).

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