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beerlike beverage

all gone. not just my beer for the day, this time. zero beer in the house. oh well.

still havent ordered those books yet. theyre in the cart, i just need to check out.

i need to figure out the cellular issue, too. i hate having to change my phone number!$#@!$#@!$%@#%#@!

ohhh, my finger slipped and i checked out ;o) is it xmas yet? merry xmas to me :oP fuckin credit card. soon all be forced to auction off my ass :oP

i cant believe xmas didnt suck. i thought i was gonna get depressed, and i didnt. im manic. wtf. so many people called n shit, i was happy. well see if make it through new years and valentines day.

think ill watch a movie. movie movie movie. or read. i hate reading. i cant get fuckin comfortable. i start the page, and then i cant stop. body parts go numb. it sucks.

i want a subscription to national geographic.

BUT MOST OF ALL I WANT THE BEST OF BEVIS AND BUTTHEAD!$@!$#!@#$@!@#$ why dont they have a best of ren and stimpy on dvd? :o\

heh. speakin of cows:
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