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its not fair

i dont wanna wear clothes. when im rich im gonna buy my own island where i can run around naked and sleep in the sun.

itll just be me, my stuff, and the men that i own. *teehee*

tomorrow i get to smoke weed and paint!$@#!#$@!

tomorrow meaning after my next nap.

as soon i get 300$ im gonna buy a cd/mp3 walkman and cassette adapter for my car, then some "learn ____" cds. i think. maybe ill just pay my creditcard. yeah, thats probably a better idea. well see. hrm. damn that creditcard!@$#@!$#@!

part of a post from earlier, that i didnt post. ill post the rest tomorrow:

my sleep schedule is soooooo fuuuuuucked uuuuuuup. its a damn good thing i dont have shit to do till the new year.

my mom says she has a sewing machine somewhere in this room. looks like ill be making a mess of everything to find it. how fun. oh well. if i dont find it, i was told i can use then new one at work whenever shes not using it. shes niiice.

oh, i think i figured out how i want to arrange things in here. itll give me more room to do crap. i hope.

i wonder if my mom will let me sell her books. shes got all these old books that shell never read, taking up space.

im getting rid of my massage table. im just gonna get shiatsu mats. i hate my massage table, anyway. its too tall on its lowest setting.

how the hell do i listen to the same song over and over. for hours, ill have one song on loop. i fuckin zone out and lose track of time. i could be in the same 5 minutes for all i know. my neighbors must think im insane.

you know what else i do? i think about something, then say "bad" aloud, but in this creepy little girl voice. i just did it again. i scare me.

whoa, neato. i told colin i wanna look like a bull, he thinks itd be cute (sicko!) and that we should go get something done when he gets back in to town. says itll be my my xmas present. woohoo. now what the hell am i donna do for his ass. his sister already bought him his newest tat. ooo, and if we do go, i can get my damn pictures. ive only seen two of them and he took, like, 2343657567 rolls.

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