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2 hours later than i expected,

but im up. thanks to good ole hiedi, of course. now im hungry. really, really hungry. think all i have is ramen. ooo, maybe spaghetti, and an apple. apples are damn good with the chili/lemon/salt = lucas.

i dont think i did shit yesterday, other than try to organize some of my bookmarks, and chat with my favorite sculptor/mechanic. i really hope he gets his own machine shop someday, so he can go back to sculpting for fun, not work (as much). he does both, but still. too much sculpting for other people, not enough for himself.

guess im going over there when he gets off from work/helpin some dude out. gonna bring my little guy so he can make fun of me and be like "HIS EYES ARE IN THE MOST BIZARRE PLACE ON HIS FACE, NAOMI! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?!?!". then i think were gonna smoke some of that green stuff and paint. i love him. hes like, all of my motivation. im lazy as hell, but then he gets right up my ass and im like "ok, OK!". i return the favor when it comes to protective gear. he better have a mask and goggles on by the time i get to work everyday, when we get back from hiatus. i bitch at him even when were not at work. hes like "i know, iii knowww". i also told his girlfriend about some of the stuff there, so maybe shell help me out a bit with the nagging. bet she thought it was all fun, clay and metal. i was like "THE CHEMICALS WILL KILL HIM!@#$!$#!". now, if i could only get him to quit smoking ;o)

im super glad he likes me so much, cause i like him too. its so much easier to get along with people you like, than try to force it with idiots. lessons learnt.

i wanna go to vegas. hiedi wants me to go to vegas. he wants to go to vegas for new years. his girlfriend has to work. lameo :o\

oops. i just lost the rest of my post from yesterday. oh well.

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