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i was thinkin "i dont have anything to wear", cause i havent done laundry in a while, but i just found seattle clothes. a burgundy hoodie, and jags black secret pocket pants. im gonna be nice a cosy. ill still bring my jacket, but i probably wont have to wear it in the house, like last time. i get cold easily. im wearing a jacket right now. oh, the bonus is i also found clean underwear ;o)

i was just thinkin its funny how the two people i didnt think i would really have anything to do with at work, seem to really like me. elvis was hired on as a sculptor, but he also does most of the mechanics. i figured wed never get to talk. now we hang out and spend hours on the phone talking about his dirty socks, or whatever. the shops technical supervisor, who i dont deal with much at all, also seems to like me. he even told me that hes impressed, and not to change. thats cool coming from someone who has been doing this stuff since i was born, and i didnt even think would ever pay attention to me. from what i hear i "fit in well". which is so cool, cause there are people who try, and cant fuckin do it. i dont try, and it works out just fine. i think people generally find it easy to feel comfortable around me. cept for desperate guys dying to get their dick wet. oh yeah, the other great thing is every one of those guys has a wife/girlfriend. none of them are trying to fuck me! i love it!$@!$@#! this is the way it used to be. just me and my favorite guys, hangin out, and takin care of each other. i seriously cant believe how much elvis does for me, just because he can. i dont even ask. he thinks of me all on his own. they must grow people better in the middle of nowhere. im also glad that he likes me, even though he doesnt like los angeles type people. you know how i was all kicking myself for being me? last night i called myself mean for not calling alexander, and he agreed that hes a tad pushey and said "oh, please. youre one of the nicest people i know". thats so cool, cause theyre so much nicer than i am. i dont know how to be nice. even with a conscious effort. so im glad he sees past my foul mouth, bad attitude, horrible manners and prejudice against snakes who i just "know* want to take my eye out :oP

hrm. so being happy about guys not liking me but not to fuck me, brings me to the topic of people who get off on guys trying to bone them. again. those people are lame. i realize some people might have read that and thought "shes strange" cause most chicks are flattered by guys trying to get in their panties, but i dont understand why. what the fuck would happen if you lost an arm, leg, breast, and got some sort of chemical burn on your face. then what. youd just be a cripple, most likely of no use to anyone. id much rather be deformed and/or retarded with more meaningful attributes than my flesh, which is ultimately in an state of decay, any damn way.

almost time to go. better shower.

this also goes along with that whole. "i need to have sex with boys so that theyll like me" and "because guys can get a hard on for me i have some sort of special power", crap. fuck him and see how long you keep that new buddy of yours. the wind blows, and they get an erection. people should not be allowed to have sex until the age of 25, at the very least. theyre too stupid.

woohoo. i found even better pants that dont require a belt.

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