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im still here. dude, wtf. this aint right. i wonder whats up. this is not like him. i spoke to him last night and he wanted to hang out. got an email from him this morning and we were still on. now hes no where to be found. i called but didnt get an answer. then either before or after my call but around the same time i got a call from him saying hed call in a bit. as far as i know he hasnt called. he may have called the house and spoke to my mom, but she wouldnt tell me about that cause i went to the store and didnt ask her if she wanted anything. the bitch screams i need the phone from the living room. so i go to check my email (one click) before i log off to see if hes mailed me, but i couldnt get in. then like 30 seconds later it says ive been disconnected. so i pick up the phone and shes on it and screaming at me to hang up. fuckin bitch cant wait one minute for me to get offline, to call her lover that lives 2 houses down. so fuck her. i didnt have anything better to do so i went to the store. she was on the phone with her girlfriend anyway. i wouldnt have wanted to interrupt their so very important phone sex. now every time i go out there she starts screaming about how i didnt ask her if she wanted anything and how i should have bought her food, cause she doesnt have any money. she got a signed xmas card and gift certificate from dominos pizza, cause she orders out damn so much. fuckin shit, dont even get me started. poor people eat ramen, like me. anyway shes got 300 extra pounds of fat to live off of. wish shed go in to hibernation. i want water, but id have to leave the room for that. maybe i should just sleep. fuckin obnoxious bitch. shes got food, shes just too lazy to cook it. anyhow, im worried about elvis. i know hes alive, but it seems like something else is up. maybe hes fighting with the girlfriend. damn, if i had known this was gonna happen id have gone to tommys birthday party. thatd have been amusing. didnt toms birthday pass, though? wtf? someones did. id call him back to wish him a happy birthday but hed probably whine at me for not going, so ill wait till tomorrow.

when i went to the store, it was dry, wen i came out it was wet. that was so cool. though i had slippers on. i like the pretty wet rain.

elvis seems to be fine. thats good. im not even gonna ask, since hes not mentioning anything. oh well.

im so sleepy. think its nap time.

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