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i have food. why wont i get off my ass to get it. i dont even have to cook it. it only requires getting up and bringing it over here, but i dun wanna.

my mom is seriously crazy. in all the years shes known me, have i ever done anything shes told me to. you dont tell me i have to do a damn thing, cause i dont. ask bitch.

you should see the crap she bought me for xmas. right there that tells me she doesnt pay attention to a damn thing. she doesnt know me at all.

haaahahaha. ive been watching elvis come on and go off of aol/aim for an hour. i was wondering what he was doing. i thought he might be looking for me, but i figured hed msg. then my phone said i had vmail. i check it and its his ass. i guess he didnt add me to his buddy list. i bet he doesnt even know how. no wonder he said he was waiting for me to msg him last night. i thought he was kidding. he probably just figures if my phone is busy, im on here, so ill msg him. thats funny. im gonna have to teach him how to use his computer.

if he would get off of the phone, i could call him back.

haha. there he is. hes funny.

I KNEW IT. his girlfriend hates me. hahaha.

so, damn. that sucks. she freaked out. oh well. he does talk to me a lot, and invite me over, so i can see her getting annoyed about that. sucks.

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