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forgot to post this yesterday. deleted most of it, cept for --->>>

anyhow, now im all irritated cause im not allowed to hang out with elvis. im a good girl. his girlfriend sucks. blah. i dont know what her problem is. she is soooooo pretty. what is she thinkin? shes crazy. oh well.

thats it.

so 2002 is almost over. im not ready yet.

oh, and i slept last night. i put up my away sign that said "cleaning" cause thats what i intended doing, but i ended up in bed until, like, 30 minutes ago. i guess my body was like "fuck cleaning". i know how to trick it in to doing what i want now :oP

it feels like 2003 is gonna be a good year. i hope it is.

i wouldnt want to be a pop star. they wear the most trashy clothes i have ever seen.

i like my new little setup. i have more space. it looks nicer, without all that crap in my way. and now i have this little coffee table thing goin, which i had before it just wasnt right next to me, which i like better. wish i had my own place, though. i wanna go shopping and decorate. shopping, shopping, shopping.

i have to pee, but getting up is too much a hassle.

wik dot sys: you should just get a toilet inserted in your computer chair
wik dot sys: so you don't ever have to do anything.
wik dot sys: and some food dispenser
wik dot sys: and a pot dispenser.

wik dot sys: I can't!
wik dot sys: yunno why i can't?
xangelicdestinyx: CAUSE YOURE STUPID
wik dot sys: YES!
wik dot sys: exactly.

wik dot sys: if not. hey. i have my paintbrush. i can have gay sex
wik dot sys: gotta look at the bright side >=p
wik dot sys: ... i think thats the bright side.
xangelicdestinyx: hahahah
xangelicdestinyx: is for you i guess :oP
wik dot sys: >=O
wik dot sys: i'm not gay!
wik dot sys: >=(
xangelicdestinyx: mmmhmmm
wik dot sys: !!!!

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