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its hard to be upset about anything these days, cause everything used to be so much crappier. i said all this would be ok, and it is. could be better, though. it will be.

i really think i should go on a mission for the cord to the electric blanket, even if i have to make a huge mess of everything. yes. ill make coffee, then hunt.

oh, it seems my mom did do something to my water, cause the water from the tap tastes so much better. i thought shed been too quiet lately. now i really have to keep an eye on my food, cause shes obsessed with murder.

mmm. coffee good.

last night i drew a man. he was supposed to look evil, but when i look at him i think "id do him". think im just attracted to evil lookin guys.

i like how my skin completely clears up just in time to go back to work, and get all fucked up again.

coffee is damn good.

colors make me happy. lots and lots of colors.

think the hair is gonna be gone soon. im gonna chop it off. yeeeeeah. chop, chop, chop.

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