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spaghetti sandwich

yum yum yum.

i have to pee. i wanted to get ice cream next time i went out there, but im still full. i should wait a bit for the ice cream, but ive gots to go peeeeeee.

i need a faster connection. i hate waiting for things to load. i fuckin haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate it. hate, hate, hate.

i dont want to read anymore. i want to be entertained, damnit!$@#!$@#!$#! if something doesnt entertain me soon, im gonna be forced to take a nap.

guess ill pee, get more water and my ice cream.


forgot my fuckin water!%!$#@!$#@ bet one of the cats are drinking it for me.

mmm, got water.

god damn, im bored. fuckin aye.

i wish id stop. i dont want to do this crap right nowwwwwww.

i cant believe fx is in the dictionary.

Main Entry: F/X
Pronunciation: "ef-'eks
Variant(s): or FX
Function: noun plural
Etymology: letter names ef and ex representing effects
Date: 1985

they forgot "efx". people use that too.

see how bored i am? :o\

not bored enough to go to the shop, though. thats for damn sure.

ooo, rant time. login.

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