angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

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it seems nice out

maybe i should think about going out while the sun is still up.

im made a rue about going to the bathroom. i can only go in there if im making coffee of cooking something, cause if i dont, ill hunt for something to pop.i figure if my mom is screamin "YOUR WATER IS BOILING", i wont have much time to fuck up my face.

spoke to hiedi the other day. she finally had oral surgery, but they fucked up and now half of her tongue is numb, she cant eat, can barely talk, shes in all kinds of pain. guess theyre gonna have to go back in. oh, and she was awake for the entire thing. poor little hiedi.

coffee really is the best part of waking up, isnt it.

weird how most of my memories are associated with the weather.

i enjoy waking up to the neighbors music.
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