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this lil guy is so cute

i want one. its funny, people show me stuff theyve made and im like "damn, thats sexy", or "thats hot". im all fucked up. next thing you know im gonna be fucking monsters in my sleep :o\

damnit. if had real food in the house, i could make myself dinner. that would kill an hour or two, then i could go to bed. what im i gonna do with the next few hours.

haaaaahahha. just as i typed that elvis called. but i dont wanna spend money on a movie, and dinner. i could buy a book or weed with that money, so id rather use it for that. he said if i was hurtin for money hed pay, but thatd be weird and his girlfriend already hates me enough. shed kick his ass. anyway, i aint goin. its funny cause every time i hang out with them, i could totally tell that she wished id go home, but elvis has no clue. hes like "nooo, you need to hang out. stay a while". its not like shes mean. shes really nice, but i can tell she doesnt want me around. anyhow, as most of you know i hate blowing money on dinner and a movie from when i was with jag. well, dinner i dont mind so much, but i fuckin hate going to the movies. id rather buy the candy somewhere else and watch a movie in my underwear.

anyway, with every minute that passes i get closer and closer to bed time. just need to keep entertained till then. of course you people arent posting enough, and sam is of no help. im gonnna make a mess of my stuff. yeeeah. good idea.


nevermind. i hate waiting for pages to load.
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