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watched fellowship of the rings at sams. i know i look like an elf, but i do not look like liv tyler. everyone has always said that and its just not true. ooo, you both have long dark hair, light skin, YOU MUST BE RELATED. or something. an now theres that whole elf thing. woke up around 3pm. came home. went to do my laundry, and the big washers were broken. yvettes not feelin so hot, so i dont really need clean clothes tonight. i said fuck it, since i didnt wanna be at the laundromat at night anyway. went to the store. didnt feel like shopping, so i got what my mom wanted and some big sticks for me (its been hot out. i need something cool to suck on :oP), and came home. now i have to clean up my mess of clothes cause all the bags ripped. oh joy. annnnnd i started my period. elvis wants me to come over but iii dont know. maybe. i was in such a good mood until about an hour ago, and ill probably see him tomorrow anyway, so i think i might just stay in.

hrm. i cant decide. cleaning will mean i have a place to sleep and going out will keep me entertained. such a hard decision, cause i actually have the energy to go out, and the cramps havent taken over just yet. the more distracted i am, the less they will hurt. or i could just take a pill and go to bed. hrmmm.

oh, yeah. which is the lj client with a spellchecker that actually works? i hate the spellcheck i use. it doesnt have a lot of words, and im not about to pay for one. blah. maybe ill just use livejournals lj client.

oh, i am using the main lj client. heh. latest version too.

whats funny is i got my permenant account when brad was giving em away to people who found errors in the client. i found that the spellcheck didnt work (figures that would be me, i know). anyhow, years later and the things still doent work. hahahaha. or maybe it does. maybe its my computer. whatever. and fuck learning how to spell. you people will just have to sound shit out.

imma go get me a big stick.

FUCK. elvis is like "whoever" just left. im like "who is that?", "the dude i was telling you about from new zealand. he worked on lord of the rings", "SHUT UP. I JUST SAW THAT LAST NIGHT", "yeah, hes cool. very talented. you want to talk to him". yeah, well no shit. now i wish id have gone over there. hahaha. damn me, and my lazy ass!#@!$#!@$@#!

the good news is, no work tomorrow. funny how just when im ready to do stuff, everything drops out from under me. ha. fiiiiiigures.

elvis: i am never talking to you again

CAUSE I WONT COME OVER!#$@!$#!@! what a dork.

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