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dont feel like cleanin no mo

so ill post more about my hair.

ok, so my hair is annoying as hell. it needs to go. i wanna just shave it, but then id probably miss it, or something. that and i dont have the money for decent wigs, and im not about to make one. good hair is expensiiive anyway. man, thatd be so cool. having hair only when i want/need it, and being able to pop different styles on and off. thatd rule. anyway, thats not gonna happen anytime soon. if i were rich, id do it and not give a shit, but *having* to put a wig on would annoy me. id only want to wear one, when iiiii felt like it. ok, so no shaving head till im rich, and dont need to deal with people. till then i have to figure something out. i was thinking dreads, cause i figure whats that gonna hurt since the only other alternative is cut my hair short. which i know ill hate, cause ive done that 234234234x before. i hate not being able to put my hair up. drives me fuckin crazy. and dreads are dreads. perfect for the lazy. the only thing is, i think the lumpiness and the not being able to get up on my scalp with my fingers and soap would drive me insane. i like to get all up in that ish. though, i would be able to put my hair up. even if it did drive me crazy, then i could cut it, and have the short hair that i know im gonna hate. i just dont want to deal with hair anymore. its ugly, annoying, and falls out everywhere. i dont know how i used to do my hair everyday and wear make-up. that was insane. i hate that shit now. i just want take my shower, put clothes on and be done with it. if i could go out naked i wouldnt even put clothes on. fuckin sucks. i hate everything. anyway, thats the deal with the hair. oh, and also a few months ago my mom said "do not dread your hair" and i hadnt even mentioned it. since then, its been stuck in my head. haaahahhahaa. its all her fault. if shed have said "dread you hair!" id be like "HELL NO!", but nooooo. oh well. whatever. someday ill be able to shave it all off and thall be the end of it.

elvis said id been on edge lately, and colin is all sad cause i dont talk to him anymore. had i been mean to everyone? i did even notice. how did they notice? colin got the film developed, so i need to get my pictures sooon. he says hell take me to dinner and get some weed to make me stupid even more stupid. sounds good to me. hes all big on the weed now cause i got him stoned a while back, and he hadnt done that in a while. hes like "WE NEED TO DO THAT AGAIN". ha.

think ill finish cleaning now. maybe. well see.

ok, now jp misses talking to me (the guy who was ofering me oral sex. you know, the one i make fun of all the time). how can this be. i am amused. though, i do believe him.

in response to eris: cause its that dead. even if i cut it short its still be nasty, and falling out all over the place (i constantly think i have bugs crawling on me), and id be pissed that i cut it (in always pissed when in cut it. i like to put my hair in a high pony, and my head is huge, so if it was cut short, but long enough to still be in a high pony, then itd be pretty long and still icky). i think the only way to make things easy on myself is to cut it super short, or dread/braid/braid&dread it, and im liking the idea of anything that isnt chopping it off. though i do like the idea of shaving it for some reason, even though my head is huge and ill look like an alien without hair. anyway, im thinkin if i decided i cant commit to dreads or short hair i could always get it braided, then dreaded so that it doesnt fuck with my natural hair. then i could get rid of em, and go back to the way i was. iii dooont knowww. i should just shave it. oh, the one good thing about chopping it would be, that i could dye it again. most of it wont bleach, cause of the dye i used to use.

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