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apparently the emotion leach finally got a divorce. or so i assume, but you know what they say about that.

10am (ok, almost. my clock is fast), and im a awake. look at that. yay for chason. i passed out way before he did. with all the blankets, i think. sooooorry chason. hes addicted to this trivia chatroom. its funny as hell. i got some laundry done. should probably do more, but i guess i dont really need to right this second. anyway, now both of us need weed. grrr. why couldnt brooks live closer. i thought id be able to buy some from this other dude thats local, but hes through brooks, and i dont know what the deal was but chason said it was funky, so we just smoked the last of what he had. what the hell are we gonna do nowwwwww? people should start buying in bulk so when i break down i can buy from them :oP

the weather and traffic reminds me of walking to jr high. i used to look forward to school everyday. only because id get to see most my friends all in one place, but man that was some motivation. id wake up super early to pick clothes, do my hair and put make-up on. scary ass shit. funny that now even when i have the hots for someone (remember my little obsession at work?), i cant be bothered. today i wil wear eye makeup, at the very least. i should really get used to doing these things again. i always saying im going to, and never do. its early, i have time, so lets get all girlie. lets do it!#@!$#@#!

but right now its time for coffee, and penetratione (:oP), since i couldnt get it last night. had to run. ha, that doesnt sound right ;o)

oh, theres a tie between chopping the hair off (24.2%) and dreadding it (24.2%). then if you add those numbers you have the number of people sayin i should leave it alone (48.5%). only one (3.0%) for shavin the head. guess ill leave it alone for a while. people also brought up braids. ive always wanted braids, but i think theres all kinds of maintenance that goes along with em that i am just to lazy for. ill have to look into that. oh, and you know now that im thinking about it, braids wont fuck my hair beyond belief. i totally forgot about that, even though i mentioned the braid filled dreads. errr.

ive been goin out lately. sorta, i guess. thats good for me. think i wanna go out tonight. i just might.

you, know. i havent seen yvette online. i hope shes alright.

yeeeeeah. my mom is gonna buy sugar and sunchips for me. thaaats hardcore. everything is hardcore. im so fuckin hardcore!@#$!$#@!

oh, as i was cleaning i found these little books that hiedi bought for me. turns out i almost bought a few of em, not knowing i had em. so this is cool. since i wasnt sure i wanted those ones, any damn way. now i dont need to think about it. hardcore hiedi.

ok, so whoever just msged me, i didnt receive it. i was typing and as soon as it popped up, it closed. sorry.

OK, WHO THE HELL WAAAAAAS THAT. i just looked at my list, and it wasnt who i thought it might be. !$@#!#$@!$#@! oh well. if they only said one thing, it couldnt have been that important.

hahaha. colin is playin hookie, so were gonna get lunch and im gonna get my pictures. hopefully hell scan some so i can show em to yous. i dont have a scanner.

look at this. social naomi. whats up with that.

too-ra loo-ra too-ra loo-rye-aye.

my clothes smell like tiiiide.

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