angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

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oh no

im surrounded by pictures, and its making me want to take some, but i dont know how to use the camera colin gave me and i dont have film. how boooooring. got my digital, though. fuck it. the sun went down already. im booooored. i should make coffee. ive got sugar. i still wanna go to the zooooo and watch aminals. elvis says i am a zoo. what ever thats supposed to mean. i wanna... draw. bye. it bothers me that i cant draw a well as the designers at the shop. everything always looks so perrrfect. theyre hardcore. i just decided what to draw. i am fuckin sick in the head. ok, i just became even more sick. i dont know if what i want to do with this is more disturbing than the fact that there are websites dedicated to images of this. whyyy? people are strange... when youre a stranger. faces look ugly. when youre alone.
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