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so last night i figured out what my problem is. i cant find anyone to talk to. (1) girls arent the greatest to talk to, cept for hiedi and a few of you guys gals. (2) guys are just hopin to get in my pants. again, cept for a few. and alllll i want it someone i can talk to. ok, and cuddles :oP the only ones who actually wanna talk to me, are taken, or in love with someone else. so the question is: where the hell am i gonna find me an available man, whose main concern is not to get in my pants. wheeeeere. where do they hang out. ill wear shoes, brush my hair and put make-up on. JUST TELL ME!@#!$#@!#!@!

i got a book on tai chi. im gonna be in pain. thats gonna be coooool.
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