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its been about 24 hours since initial contact, and hes already lied to me. same ole bullshit. did i mention i can not fuckin staaaaaaand liars. now i feel like tearing off my skin. we are not friends. in fact, i never dated him. how about that.

ohhhhh, were holding off on the not speaking. think ill just keep a tally. itll be our little game. id say there should be some sort of prize at the end, but lord knows, this one is not a man of his word. id win, and hed give me excuse after excuse. weve been here before.

jag: but i'm giving this honesty thing a fair shake
jag: i even stopped cheating
xangelicdestinyx: good luck
jag: before i always used to cheat at any games where i could cheat
jag: like i'd cheat at scrabble or monopoly like a motherfucker..
jag: i even quit doing that
jag: and that really sucks, because now i don't win all the time
xangelicdestinyx: OH HEY LOOK AT THAT
xangelicdestinyx: JUST LIKE REAL LIFE
jag: i think its bullshit
xangelicdestinyx: you would
jag: who wants to play a game where depending on how your luck goes you might win or lose
jag: your luck could always have gone the other way, so why not make sure it does..
jag: thats how i look at it

who the fuck wants to play a game where theres no real challenge? pussy.


whats funny, is this is why julia called him today wanting to bob on his knob. she thinks hes "interesting". my ass.


for those who dont know, julia is this chick jag was fucking before he met me. shes a big hoe. anyway, the girl is a moron. he couldnt get it up for her. had to wait for morning wood, and have her hop on. ooooook. years later this hizzoe is still up on his nuts. talking about, "i like you sooo much. youre so interesting". mmmhmmm, youre just hopin you can finially make is dick hard. hahaha. im all amused. i dont like her. she was all up on his nuts while i was with him (meet me at the butterfly house. i need a dose of summer). so was his other uber skanky ex (send me flowers. buy me shit). dude, i cant think of one girl hes dated that i like. adria was baaaaad, to say the least. allison cheated on him, thinks shes a wtich just like every other slutty nutjob that would like to think she has power over men, and is just a flat out nasty scene whore. then theres julia, thatll suck off anyone. even married men (brain), while shes dating their "bestfriend" (jag). not only that, but shed go to brians house, with jag, and hang out with brians wife, and their baby. then suck him off when no one was lookin. wife and baby. ethics anyone? guess not. can you say trash? i sho can.

oooh, yeah. jag (ray, and jeff) isnt living with brian anymore. *now* hes decided that i was right about everything, and brian is disgusting. HELLO? ARE YOU FUCKIN SERIOUS? jag isnt one of the most idiotic people i know. he is the most idiotic.

now hes waiting to have lunch with kim (hes hungry, and waiting, kim).

oh, hiedi was telling me that when she went to lunch with us for the first time, he wished her lots of children. LOTS OF CHILDREN. i didnt know that. thats funny as hell.

you know, i was just thinking. whyyy does this julia skank always dump her boyfriends and go running to jag? why? i dont get it. these guy get all wrapped up in her lies, fall in love, then she dumps em and calls jag. shes even gone running to jag while she had a boyfriend (dont call my house, youll get me in trouble). its all a little game to her. jags just a challenge. has nothing to do with him as a person. she just wants to play, and only in her dreams (its kinda hard [<--- or not. ha-ha :oP] when the guy cant even get wood), win the game. she is so disgusting. i should unlock this post. she reads my journal from time to time. thiiiiiink iiiiiiiii wiiiiiiiilll.


jag: wanna do me a favor ?
jag: just a little one..
xangelicdestinyx: im pretty sure i dont
jag: don't post julia stuff, i might want to have sex with her
xangelicdestinyx: nope
jag: like its been a really long while, and she's really easy, and i wouldn't have to date her, just be nice for a week or so, i think maybe i might want to do that

xangelicdestinyx: anyway how do you have sex with someone who doesnt make your dick hard
jag: awkwardly


anyway, hahaha, ewwwww. i didnt realize jag was that desperate. thats gotta suck, and not in a good way. i wonder if shes the last person hes had sex with. that would mean he hasnt had sex in 2, 3 years? haaaaahjaghsgfig.

jag: let me call and i'll explain ?
jag: and then maybe you won't be so disgusted

hes trying trick me into a phone call.

ha. before i even posted that:

jag: this isn't just some me getting you on the phone thing

more lies. always lies. blah, blah, blah. jag is so yucky.

i dont even waaaaant the bedtime story anymore. goddamn. shaddup.

sleeeeepy. goodnight journal, and jag.

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