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baaaaaaaaad neeeeeeeeeeeews

on the 18th they decreased my credit limit on my creditcard. this morning i found out i had only 9$ credit on the card. so i went to spend that 9$ on gas, but didnt stop the pump at 9$ so it went to 18$ now im -9$ on the card. how about theeem apples. anyway, now i cant pay anything. the money in my checking account *just* ran out. i was trying to pay my student loan, with the creditcard, now i cant even do that. or pay my car insurance, or any of my other bills. this is horrible, but surprisingly i could be be in a worse mood. if fuckin gorgeous outside, and this is not the end of the world. ill just have to incur late fees, n blah blah blah.

i walked past a window and noticed how long my hair is. i aint cutting it, no way, no how.

hrm. this whole decent mood thing is frighting. i should be way more upset than this. am i even upset? i was, for like, a second. wheres all the rage, damnit.

oh, so i have to wait till monday to deal with school stuff. which is fine, cause that gives me this entire weekend to read my book. it was nice seeing whats-his-face (the guy who runs the school), today. hes very cool. everyone else sucks.

ok, now im all pissed again. i dont want late fees and bad credit. fuuuuuuuck.

blah. im hungry. moms making spaghetti.

my back hurts.

awww. colins gonna give me money cause i shoot with him all the time (ok, twice). it works out, cause then i get my pics, and ill probably need more gas by then (thats where the cash comes in). now maybe i do want him to sell those pics :oP oh, wait. no i dont think i wanna be feet porn. oh well. theys juuust feets.


colin: yeahhhhh I hear that...I'll give ya 25 bux to tickle yer feets = )

hes gonna give me cds from the record label he works/used to work for (he just quit. doin the 2 week thing now). thall get me some cash, too. hes the homie.

awww, and his bro called me an asset :o) wish hed open his own shop. id looove to work for him. he deserves more than bein a supervisor. sucks that its the dumbasses with money that end up with shops. i think he should take out a loan. so does colin. were a bad influence on him. hes got a new wife and house.

elvis is another story. im workin on him. he doesnt need thaaat much to start his type of shop. probably couldnt work for him, though. the shit he does scares me. id hurt myself. where is his ass, anyway. he was here a minute ago, and didnt say hi. fucker.

damn, my body is so much more upset than the rest of me. my head huuuuuurts.

im sleepy, but its not nearly late enough to go to bed. maybe i should take a melatonin pill so i make it throught the night. then ill be up super early. that would be bad good.

elvis: dude you gotta get out and find a good man
xangelicdestinyx: FIND ONE FOR ME
elvis: well there is this one guy im fucking but he isnt a very considerate lover
xangelicdestinyx: hahaha
xangelicdestinyx: this sucks so bad and i couldnt even get papers i need from my school
elvis: you know youre never totally fucked if you have good friends. you can always come live with US! you will have to be like the gimp from pulp fiction though
xangelicdestinyx: now i have to wait till monday
xangelicdestinyx: :-X
elvis: lol

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