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i slept from 7am till about 6pm. went to the bathroom, ate some pizza, then went back to sleep till 11pm. thats some shit mang. then i sat around all depressed and cryin for a few hours, since thats what i seem to enjoy nowadays.

oh, my mom ordered pizza. they sent over jalapenos in a container. i used to order my pizza with em on it, but now i say fuck it cause its cheaper without em. so how did they know i wanted jalapenos. mmm, pizza. now im hungry.

ok, so after all o dat, i started to clean a bit. i own a lot of nothing. im keeping most of my clothes, but everything else is getting trashed or sold. sold would be nice, cause then i might be able to make my insurance payment at least. which reminds me, i fucked up going to the school yesterday, so i need to do that tonight. if id have just woken up an hour earlier i could have caught the instructor i needed just before he went home. damnit.

i havent seen elvis online, which is weird. not that i was on for more than a few minutes yesterday, but i mailed him when i got home at 7am, and i havent received a mail back. though, now that im thinkin about it, i didnt ask him anything, i was just sending him some info. so maybe hes still alive.

oh, nevermind. i forgot to post this. weve been chatting.

the dude who moved me and my stuff from scotts over a year ago. you know, the one who remembered exactly what i was wearing and apparently saw my ass when i was walking up/down the stairs:

dude: i was a weird kid when i met you
xangelicdestinyx: eh?
dude: i drove like a hundred miles to come pick you up and help move your crap
dude: what the hell was i thinking
xangelicdestinyx: "naomi is so hardcore"
dude: ...
dude: yea there ya go
dude: i probably thought i was gonna get some ass or something
dude: maybe i was just bored
xangelicdestinyx: and thought i was hadcore
xangelicdestinyx: what is your name, again?

ok, now hes goin on about my ass and dress again. though, i think hes trying to get me back for not remembering his name, this time. hes bent. i so funny.

ooo, wonder if he just blocked me. people like to block me when theyre pissed, and he just signed off without sayin goodbyeee. thats what he gets for lookin at my ass!%@#$!@#$! think hes obsessed with it. long time now, and hes still thinkin about my ass. that was when it was fat ass, too.

im trying to stay awake. daytime is so much happier than night. i dont feel like cryin about nothin. gonna set my alarm so i can catch the instructor, just incase i fall asleep. i should be doing laundry.

jag talks a lot. more than me. thats a lot.

i really should be doin my laundry. i am sooooo fuckin sleepy, though. my mom wanted something at the store, too. maybe if i take a nap for a few hours, ill be ok by 4:30pm to do laundry, go to the store, and wait for class to end. maybe ill try to catch him before class. ill probably have to come back, but its worth a shot. maybe hell let me stay for class, just so i can stay awake and get a decent sleep schedule goin again.

jag always wants to play chess when im sleepy. never when im awake.

i think jag is on drugs. hes tweakin or somthin.

ok, its nap time. i cant take it no more.

hey, i think ive got 100$ left on that bank card i got rid of. i never did bring it into the bank. ooo, i may be able to pay my car insurance after all. its just the other bills im fucked on. oh well. ill have to call them up.

oh, last night i posted on one of those depression forums askin about meds, and everyone is like "dont get on meds". damn them. iiiiii waaaant meeeds. sorta. i always say that, but i never get em. even when i had them, i never took them.

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