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so jerry (the [other] effects guy from the other night) woke my ass up, so we did a bit of chatting. then i ran over to the school all stinky cause id lost track of time and didnt get to shower. of course people wanted hugs :o\ so, got what i needed. gotta call tomorrow, too, to see if theres anything else. theyre changin things around. gonna set up some master classes, n shit. so im makin sure to be on that list. gonna have to talk about that more, tomorrow. i was all stinky n stuff. i wanted to get out of there.

im in a fuckin good mood. dont know why. up, down. up, down. back hurts, though. watch in a few hours my mood will go to hell, and ill be sitting here ballin about the vocies in my head cause theyre too loud and not making any sense.

so tomorrow, i have to go to the bank and see about that money. call first, just incase. ummm, store. go to the store. since my mom is a lazy fat ass. aaaaand, i dont know.

i wanna go to the shop, but no one is workin. everyone is looking for other jobs. elvis and i are think about gettin the guys together to paaaaartaaaaaay cause i miss em sooooo muuuuuch. well see. hes so funny. evidently theres a club, or something, cause elvis keeps saying "youre in". first it was "you fit in well" now its, "youre in". well thats good to know. im like one of the boyyyyyyys. see, told you people im really a man.

dont know why my back hurts sooooo baaaaad.

and theeeeeeres elvis.

its bad. these guys are all, "do you know _______?", "have you heard of ______?" im like, "no". its like when richy would talk about leonardo dicaprio, and i was like "who?", then id got to his house and look at pictures and say "i know this guy from somewhere", "THATS leo!", "ohhh". heh. i havent watched tv in almost 10 years. i dont even own a tv.

oh, jags package arrived. the movie is "amelie". also got my tai chi book. awwwyea.

i wanna playyyyy pool!@!@#$!$@#!

wish lj would stop bein lame.

CDC - Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)
CDC - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Holistic-Online -- Fibromyalgia

man, im gonna get mono :o\ ive never had any childhood diseases, either. im gonna be 50 and, get em all, and dieee. stuuuuupid virus. still no medication. neeeeeed speeeeeed, or somethin.

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