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forgot to post

tonight worked out. i was in a good mood, then jag got all depressed, then i started to get depressed, but thankfully he stuck around and entertained, then other people came online too, so i managed to stay in a decent mood. good mood for naomi. awwyea. also learnt a bit more about pool, which is my new faaavorite game. i think.

im sleepy. didnt i just wake up? maybe ill get in bed and watch that movie now.

oh, i found this guy. thought he was funny. now hes in love with him.

Bagamaagan: sweet fuckin jeesus
xangelicdestinyx: ?
Bagamaagan: stevisdoh is trying to IM me
xangelicdestinyx: oooooooh
xangelicdestinyx: myyyyyyy
xangelicdestinyx: gaaaaaawd
Bagamaagan: hahahahahahahahaha
Bagamaagan: do I accept???
Bagamaagan: I'm ascared
xangelicdestinyx: suuuuuuure
xangelicdestinyx: hahha
xangelicdestinyx: me too
Bagamaagan: hahahahah
Bagamaagan: Stevis D0h: hey what's up tatoodevil?
Stevis D0h: be not afraid, I go before you always, come and follow me and I will give you rest.
Stevis D0h: well you don't have to follow me
Stevis D0h: but if you want rest, you can try me out
Stevis D0h: so, i'm wondering
Stevis D0h: are you a man or a woman?
Stevis D0h: it will jus thelp me be more comfortable
Stevis D0h: it doesn't matter
Stevis D0h: it doesn't matter whether you are either male or female
Stevis D0h: ok nevermind
Stevis D0h: don't tell me then
xangelicdestinyx: HAAAAAAAHA
Bagamaagan: Stevis D0h: so what's going on?
Stevis D0h: ok
Stevis D0h: that's a stupid question
Stevis D0h: I'm guessing you are either on the phone or away from your desk.
Stevis D0h: I'll say away from your desk.
xangelicdestinyx: haahahhaajshfjkldfh

ok, so i didnt post this. instead i watched the movie. you have no idea how long i was trying to get that thing to play in english. i was like "wtf, the english version must be on the other disk". it wasnt. cute movie, anyhow. thanks jag.

so i called someone about makin some money. went in to talk to him. he seems *really* cool, but the job is hardcore lame. its to take incoming calls to book appointments for whores. how fun. he wasnt clear on scheduling. i think its an on call type of thing. just whoever can come in to answer phones. anyway, he says its the easiest job in the world and i can make 150-300$ a night on commission depending how much the phone rings, so i guess ill do it a few times to see whats up. i just wanna pay some bills, so i was like "eh, call me if you need me". i didnt say that, but he said hed call me in when there was someone to train me, and i said ok. dont know why i responded to that ad. think ill got all freaked out and desperate. could probably make more money doin phone sex. good ole phone sex.

i was just thinking. jag has got to be the worst 'friend" ive ever had. hes really only good for whining. its the only time hes fuckin tolerable, cause he wants you to make him feel better. aside from that, hes just some dude that has no time to help, listen, or anything. hes never done anything but fail me. i dont know why i even bother. i should just put a note next to my screen "dont ask jag", cause hes fuckin useless. what a waste of time. waste of a year. blah, blah, blah. and then he wonder why i hate him.

i am so fuckin hugry, i feel like im gonna barf. funny how when youre reeeeeeally hungry, you burp a lot.

wheeeere iiiiiiiis elvis. if hed stop bein busy, i could finish painting monsters and work at that other shop. then i wouldnt need to call these lame ads. he already talked to the dude about me, all he wants is some pictures. this is taaaking fooooooreveeeeeeer. damn credit limit went and messed everything up. oh well.

god damn, i dont wanna freelance right now. this is depressing. i just want something thats a few days a week, so i can pay my fuuuckin bills, buy some paint and clay, still be able to intern so i can use expensive shops stuff, and work on my book. then i could just work at whats-his-names shop for a bit, and send my book out. whats-his-name is apparently a good person to work for, cause he always has work when shit is slow for buffy n all that. a few of the people from the shop work there sometimes, but they have to take a pay cut cause the budget isnt as good. whatever, i just need a check!#$@!#%!@! ive gotta pay student loans, car insurance, credit card, renew my tags and get a fuckin smog check. the car stuff is most important cause i cant drive without insurance, and tags.

oh, well. at least im not depressed. just whiny.

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