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im so glad youre my family

my mother wont even give me quarters for laundry, so i guess asking her for food money is out of the question.

nice. so im come in here and start crying cause at this point all i want is clean underwear and to go to sleep so i can stop being hungry. she comes in to tell me to go to the store for her, i tell her to fuck off, and she starts laughing at me. so i threw a bottle of aspirin. now im out of aspirin.

ok. the bitch had fuckin quarters, cause she just came in and threw em at me. like it would have killed her to give me some fuckin quarters in the fist fuckin place. when the fuck is she gonna die. how do you get that old and fat, and stay alive. wish shed take up smoking.

why the fuck isnt anyone calling or mailing me back. the sun is up now. youre supposed to go to work and check your email.

i cant believe they decided to decrease my credit limit, just as i was out of cash. couldnt they at least left me with a grand? 500$? what fuckin good is 9$? and even that is running out. itll be gone by the time i get to colins. which reminds me, i meet him in a half hour to get money for gas a and laundry. thank god.

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