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my car is my happy place

love bein in my car. car, car, car. wish i could drive to vegas. i wanna see my beeeotch. even if i had the gas money, im worried my car might give up on me. ill have to test it out, eventually.

so, got me some gas and food money. my mom cleaned up the pills while i was gone. id think she was tryin to be nice, but it was just so the cats wouldnt eat em. i shut the door so they wouldnt. whatever. colin also gave me some quarters. so now i can do laundry. well, not *now* cause right now i need to go take a shower, and see about makin some money.

be back later.

ok, so i went in and watched the chick answer phones. man, thats an easy job. think i might actually do it for at least one day a week. its just booking appointments, and the guy in the office seems really cool.

i havent slept yet.

yvette decided to play matchmaker, and introduced me to her ex. we spoke on aim for a bit, later on the phone, then went to diner. hes actually quite nifty, it seems. whats funny is, i interned for the fx shop that makes the monsters for buffy, angel n other crap, he works at a different shop making props for buffy, angel, n other crap. i get in the car and guess who is on loveline? SPIKE. so a girl calls up, and is like,"omg, omg, omg, youre sooooo hot, omg, omg, omg. and hes like, "thanks, but they use a lot of makeup". im all amused. oh, yeah. we also went to the same school, but *shhh* dont tell anybody :oP

anyway, like i said, i havent slept since... last night some time. i was up alllllll night. saw the come up n everything. im sure i was acting drunk at diner. i could have fallen asleep in my food. he didnt seem to hate me by the end of the night, so oh well.

after dinner we went to the shop, and i got a tour. that was pretty cool. its a pretty big shop. didnt seem so big, but its looooong (<--- haaahaha :ox ;oP).

today i was sorta social. left the house a whole bunch, at least. now i must sleep.
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