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broke my vibrator. bye bye vibrator :o\ maybe its a sign ;o) or maybe yvette put a curse on it :oP

ive been doin a pretty good job about not taking naps and sleepin all day. though i go from being so sleepy, i wanna die. to really hyper. its pretty damn painful.

interview today sucked. training sucked. my vibrator quit, which sucks. tomorrow is gonna suck. suck, suck, suck, suck, suck. the one thing that will be good about tomorrow is the money, if i make any. i cant sell for shit, and i really hate talking to people. by the end of the day im gonna have a breakdown, im sure of it :o\ i just wanna pay my fuckin bills.

oh, shit. i was sitting here reading my friends page and scotts fuckin picture shows up. was like "WTF IS GOING ON HERE!$%!@#! oh, he posted in los_angeles." so i amused myself for a bit:

started the other day, though when he surprised me with a post in an entry just after i made fun of him. isnt that sweeeeeet:

he was boring, that day. dont think i can freak him out anymore. hes been around too long :o\

i need to be at work in a few hours :o\

DAN IS SO FOUL!#$@!@$#!$#! :oP

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