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talked to weirdos allllllllllllll dayyyyy looooong. what else is new, eh? even made a bit of money. not enough, though :o\ manager says im good. just need be myself and get used to things, thats all. even got to see one of the girls, and omfg, she was young *and* cute. also, i think a dude i dated called in. i really, 110% think it was him. the name and info matched. im gonn have to find out what his phone number is, and compare. if it turns out is was him, i am never fuckin having sex again. ever, ever ever. damn good thing i didnt marry that one, eh? men are so fuckin disgusting. married men are the worst. think ill go barf now. anyway, theyre gonna do scheduling tomorrow, and he said he wants to put me on a busier day, and asked what days i wanna work. guess i survived. so glad thats over and done with. now wheres *myyy* god damn massage.

it was him. ive decided. there is no fuckin way it wasnt him, even though i havent compared numbers. i dont need to. thats just fuckin fucked up. yucky sad old men. wonder if he did that shit when i knew him. i doubt it. i was the chick after the love of his life dumped him for another guy. smart girl. im gonna msg him, and see if hes dating someone. if he says yes, im sewing my shit up. they said that a bunch of times theyd send girls out, and the client would be someone they knew, a friend, or an ex-boyfriend. evidently this is a very popular and normal thing to do.

oh, the other thing. these guys, sound perfectly normal and sane. most of them seem to have a brain (plus a wife and children). its scary.

i was told i give off good vibes :oP

i just book the calls. duh.

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