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im baaaaaack

dude. i love james house. gonna take pictures if it. everything is crooked. part of the bathroom wall is made out of an old desk. his house is just cute as hell. youll just have to wait for the pics. hes also got cats. the sweetest fuckin cats in the woooooorld. so cute and cuddly. just like their owner ;o) james is pretty cool, as well :oP very nice and normal (it seems). ive finally figured out who he reminds me of. MATT. rememeber matt? my ex teacher, now shrink, that i used to have the hots for (when he was my teacher. i dont see a shrink anymore)? him. not sure why. theyre both tall, skinny, and... tall n skinny? i dont know.


elvis: i gotta approve of him first
elvis: i gotta make sure he is good enough for you

awww. love my elvis, but i think that james is alright. or not. ok, im not sure yet. but id *like* to think hes alright :oP doesnt matter.

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