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i dont know... 6 or 7am. woke up at 10:30am. called the office. no one was there. i figured id better just go down there, cause omeone would show up eventually. no one was there. came home and called the office again. no one is there. wtf.

sooo, i dont know. maybe i can go back to sleep then. first ill call people back. i know jerry is gonna be like "YOU BITCH. YOU DIDNT CALL ME BACK LAST WEEK *OR* LAST NIGHT". he always calls when im on my way out the door. and last week i did call his ass back, but no one picked up. sucks now that i dont have a cell phone. the only time people can reach me is when im sleeping or on my way out the door. which sucks, cause if im sleepin, im sleepin. if im on my way out, i aint gots no tiiime to call people back (they always call when im in the shower).

im all broken out. this sucks. im tryin haaaaard not to mess anything. bad naomi. evil fingernails.

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