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yesterday afternoon:

cant find jerry. we were supposed to eat, but i think i took too long callin him back. oh well. hell turn up eventually.

lost part of my piercing down the drain. cant get the drain apart. fuuuuuckin aye.

colin: I'm gettin yer name tattooed on my hand = )
xangelicdestinyx: youve already got a name on your hand
colin: yupppp I'm making my hands a list of the names of peeps I dig and like shooting

i aint changing from last night, orrr taking a shower. oh, wait. thats just wrong. damn. but i dont have time, and jerry is on his way :o\

jerry: do ya like pasta and seafood?
xangelicdestinyx: sure
jerry: ok then I know a good place
xangelicdestinyx: so should i wear shoes?
jerry: go however you feel comfortable
xangelicdestinyx: fuzzy flipflops and foamed pants it is :oP

yesterday evening:
ok, so i ended taking a shower, and changing my clothes to sweat pants and a top. kept the fuzzy flipflops. we went and had pasta and seafood, as planned. then we went for coffee. then we went to his place and he showed me his sculptures, and portfolio. met his kitty cats. ash loves me. he was all in schock cause ash hates everyone. then we watched "jay and silent bob strikes back" (he worked on it), and "them" (killer ants). came home, called james back. oh, james ignored my call. then he came on line later and acted stupid when i said that id called him back. he was like "oh, yeah?" i mentioned that he must have been on the other line in an email, so i told him to read that. then he was like "oh, i was on the phone". yeah, no fuckin shit sherlock, but you were about to play stupid before you read the email where i said "you must have been on the other line" (my call should have gone to the machine, but it didnt. that usually means hes online, but he wasnt. which meant he was on the other line ignoring the beeps. thank you). heh. he says it was someone from texas. from at least 1-3am pst? dude, wtf is going on here. something aint right. why is he fuckin around. i wasnt up his ass, or goin nutty. no need to play stupid games. i didnt get all weird about his as goin to bar sinister and dungeon on saturday, either. so whats with this crap. did i mention i hate people? uh huh. so now this makes me wonder who hes talkin to everytime he says hes on the other line with his dad. he must talk to his dad a lot, or something. pffft. whatevah. boys make my head hurt. why couldnt he just be straight out or not say anything at all. the more information i get the more i analyze. now im all irritated. hopefully itll pass by the next time we hang out. fuckin aye. so, yeah. lalala :oP

did i also mention that i cant stand jay and silent bob movies. though, i do like silent bob. hes cute.

i have to pee. think my mom is in the bathroom.

yvette cracks me up. did i mention that i like that yvette? :oP gonna go smokie smokie with her tomorrowww. woohoo!
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