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1) im dying. bet you i am. i feel like im gonna barf. please, let me be paranoid

2) lj is such a small place, and people know how to keep me entertained.

before you click, remember how she was all up on snottybois nuts, tryin to talk shit on the board. postin pictures of laniey (sp?) and sio. calling them names, and just bein a straight out psycho bitch? then calling me names when i was just tryin to make a point and stay neutral. doin a great job of making a great big ass of herself (ha! :ox), for the world to see? of course you do, it was the funniest shit. now chick this out:;action=display;threadid=740;start=15

can i get a ha? can i get a ha-ha? can i get a HAHAHAHAHAHA!#!$@!#!%!@@#! :oP

dude, she met me at my heaviest, and i wasnt nearly that big, yet her ass was calling ME and everyone else FAT? thats some nerve. im so amused. its just funny that this is all goin down on the same board that she tried to pull the same type of crap on. she doesnt seem to like it very much. haaaaahahhahahahahahha!%!%#!@!#@#!#$@!

HAHAHHAAH!$#!%! *AHEM* HAHAHAHAHA!$@#!@#$!: "She was looking at that site to attempt to be amusing for She is a snotty sycophant, poor guy, I feel bad for him."


HAHAHAHAH!#%@!%@!%!@#: "ixtasisdeth: go have fun getting used for sex" *ahem*


name of her lj: Not 4 Your Amusement.

did i mention "HAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA!$!@$#!@#@$@#!$#@!!@!"? :oP

is my favorite quote: "ixtasisdeth: do you know how hard it is to find noise guys?"

still dying though :o\

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