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yeeehaw: neighbor dropped in for a few min will im or call you in a bit
yeeehaw: please
xangelicdestinyx: please?
yeeehaw: :-)

what im not amused about is other stuff. like my tummy feelin funky, and my being paranoid about dying. mostly the dying. tummy will work itself out. think its stress :o\ and fat. i felt it jiggle :oP

called a bunch of people, while i was waiting for soooooomeone to call me back.

tom sounds like hes doin alright. thought about visiting with him, but im lazy and my tummy hurts.

connie was glad that im still alive, but i told her i think i may be dying, so now shes all worried. meee tooo :o\

dwaine is ignoring me. that, or his son is on his screen name.

who else did i get a hold of... spoke to hiedi yesterday. called a few other people, but they werent home. probably gonna get offline in a bit so the cowboy can call before bed. all i can do now is wait. wait for my tummy to feel better, wait for the phone call, wait till the sun comes up, wait for summer time. wait, wait, wait, wait, wait :o\

tomorrow im not allowed to come online. ok? ok.

dude, think im eating too much. i just realized all the cookies are gone, and im still shoving food into my face. oops.

damn that cowboy. i didnt think hed take so long to call me, and i went at my eyebrows with the tweasers. theyre all jacked up. i blame him :oP now i need to fix. fuuuuuckin aye. first the hair, now this. at least i still have eyebrows. *whew* my face neeeeeds eyebrows.

NecroNoir: come over and get stoned ;p heheh need an excuse to stop quizzing ;p
xangelicdestinyx: well ya aint gotta twist my arm
xangelicdestinyx: :oP

ive been trying to gather food, and shove it down my throat. success. gonna go turn on the blanket (:ox), and go to sleep. goodnight.

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