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jerry paid me, gave me cigarets (wtf?), aaand took me out for lunch. its a good thing he doesnt mind being seen with someone who is wearing slippers with a big ugly rose on the top of them (mom bought them) :oP poor him, he was tired. he ended up working super late last night, then they bumped up the time on his meeting for the other project. thats why i didnt shower.

tonight i was awake when the phone rang, cause i took my nap early. it seems that ive been trained. even if the phone doesnt ring, im up in, at the most, 3 hours. so, it looks like were on for tomorrow night. he still has to work, but hes gonna try to get out of there early. woohoo. james and kitties. a night of movies and chasing the light beam (for hauns. cali doesnt play).

oh, i learnt tonight that goin to someones house to watch a movie means "lets fuck". i did not knowww that. im such a sucker, cause ill go over if soemone in invites me. hahaha.

joseph said something that made me laugh. my jerry is not one of yvettes exes :oP hes another fx guy i met through elvis. hes cool. also, my mom and joseph both have a cat names pooka. though, my mom calls her "poo".

think i wanna chop all my hair off. i was fuckin with it while i was waiting for jerry to be done with his meeting, and i decided it might not be so bad for the summer. zoe has a reeeeeally fuckin cute cut. i may have to ask where she got it.

britta and i were talking about people who come to la, and even she said that most of the time theyre more of an asshole than the people who were born here. thaaaats what iiiii said.seeeee, im not crazy.

i hate being a girl. im all sore, swollen, and emotional. why wont i just bleeeeed, already. come on. lets go!

i thought it was gone or i would have linked to it when i mentioned it the other day, but its still around. "This thread really pales in comparison to the one shannon started about a year ago. What goes around comes around. A taste of her own medicine. Etc.
". thats what iiim sayin.

i should do something other than sit here. wish i could watch a dvd, but i cant, so i guess ill just go be depressed. its the only sensible thing to do :oP

my boobs hurt like hell. damn, this!%$!%$!%#@!@!$#!

whoa, at least im not breakin out. cept for that one big zit, that was going away, and i just haaaaaad to fuck with.

prophei: so you better be there or you are in BIG trouble
prophei: =]

sounds like a good reason NOT to go :oP

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