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lots of sleepin.

managed to get back to sleep around 4am with the help of my friend melatonin. too bad the rain has stopped, or id still be wrapped up in my blanket listening to it.

im bleeeeeding heavily. lots o blood. still in zee pain, too. make it staaaaaawp. dont think i did the balling for no reason last night, though. so thats good.

mom asked if i wanted her to make a sandwich for me. ooooook. i think she just likes to play with the stuff-n-munch thingy.

its cooooold. i hate to be cold. i waaaaant a space heater.

i had a dream my friend was murdered by joe blasco for having a bunch of naked models at his studio. his studio in my dream looked nothing like his studio in real life. the models didnt look so good in person. you could see all the make-up. it was weird.

also had a dream i was picking the buggers from my nose.

yesterday yvette and i decided we should have been born with dicks. we wanna poke people with them :oP

think im gonna try to get my speaker working again. i cant stand the silence/buzzing of my computer any longer.

whoa, still not broken out. woohoo. this time of the month i usually get at least one really painful zit.
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