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its cold. very cold.

up at the crack of dawn, once again. watched day of the beast. it was funny. i put cali on the bed and she stayed for a really long time all by herself. think shes getting used to the fact that she wont get in to trouble for being there. shes so cute. shell lick your nose. i love that cat. and cuddles. cuddles are good.

i wanna call my hiedi hoe. think ill do that in 10 minutes. hope shes awake, and not at work. if i dont get to talk to my hiedi hoe, ill cryyy. or just call her ass later :oP

didnt see dwaine online yesterday. where is his assssss. hope hes still in the state. dont think his cell works when hes not.

i should finish cleaning now. the mess just never goes away.

i miss stuff, not things.

oh, shit. i weigh 100 lbs. how the fuck did that happen? damn, if i exercise, i might disappear. wtf. oh, well. im still gonna bust out with the yoga and tai chi. i need to do sooomething. wish i had a gym membership. thatd be cool. then i could get all buff and whoop yer ass :oP i wanna go swimming :o\ wish ill this crap would get out of my way so i could have some space. i should just go to the park, or something. i guess not now, seein as its raining n all. wish i had a back yard.

hiedi hoe is out and about. says shell be home in 4 hours. 4 houuurs?!#$?@!? :o\

i dont think ive ever seen some many posts about one person in such a short amount of time.

i dont know how people function on small amounts of sleep. im all loopy. need a nap.
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