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to get to where i left off on my friends page.

youll never believe where iiiii went. "kittys cathouse". on "kit kat road", in carson city nevada. there were others like "the bunny ranch", but i was like, "i wanna go to kittys cathouse on kit kat road!". so you buzz at the gate, they let you in, give you a menu, the girls line up, introduce themselves and you pick. the one you choose gives you a "tour" (this is our atm, and this is our hot tub, but it doesnt work. and here is my room!). man it was fuuuuuunny. i was like "omg, omg, omg. im in a whore house". it was so fuckin bizarre. i just hung out at the bar, drank, smoked, and watched the men come in. the guys said it was a huuuuuuge let down. guess they were expecting better lookin hookers. dont think ill be goin to a whore house again anytime soon :oP ill have to take pictures of the menu so you can be amused.

carson city was definitely an experience. dont think ill be goin to carson city again anytime soon, either. :oP 16 hours total in the car, and it wasnt so bad. im surprised. ive decided that i like snow. i like rain, i like snow, but i dont like wind. i fuckin hate wind. my lips are chapped, but ive got chapstick on em now, so they feel muuuuuch better. took pictures while on the road. ill check to see if any of em came out, and post the ones that did, later.

the heater arrived while i was gone. woohoo!$#@!#!@! thaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuu :o) :o) :o)

YVEEEEEETTE? sorry to get back to you so late. roaming charges :o\ aim me? mom says you sounded worried.

im hungry. gonna make coffee and somethin to eat. then finish up cleanin.

did i mention that i loooooooooooooooooooove you guys? well i do :oP

woohoo. some of the pictures didnt turn out too bad. i wasnt sure any of em would turn out at all. cant really tell by the viewfinder. its so small.

oh, on the way out of carson city i was given "connect - your guide to physical, emotional and spiritual well being". one of the feature articles is "be a love magnet - attract your ideal relationship". ill take pictures of the ten step article. step by step so it loads quickly.

theres also and article about "the day we drop to our knees" :oP i might post that one too.

oh, oh, oh. i looooooove this song:
turned on the radio and thats what was playin. i hadnt heard that song in foreverrr. i was so fuckin amused. yeeehaw :oP

miss the cowboy, hauns, and cali!#$!@$#@! cali is muh baaaybeee. hauns is my darling. think they miss me? :o\

ok, its picture sorting time. this is gonna take forever :o\
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