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how sweet life can be when the misery of ones existence is blurred by slight intoxication

INTOXICATION!!#$@!!%#!$@#!$#@!$#@! i should go sit at a bar all night and let guys who dont speak english buy me drink after drink. maybe ill get lucky, and itll be a hot horny chick, instead. doubtful. that type of thing only happens once.

my mom got mad at me cause i had the heater on. started screaming about how she cant afford the electric bill, then ordered herself a pizza and inhaled it. thanks mom. guess ill just eat ramen, or something. and you wonder why youre so fuckin fat. heh. i thought i was saving her ass money by going to burger king for her yesterday, cause she was hungry but didnt want to cook. so thats, what, 30-40$ on food in 2 days? fuck her. i cant wait till she sees the phone bill.

i also like the way she never ever knocks on the door. she just walk in and starts bitching about what ever. one of these days im gonna shove a dildo up my ass and let her walk in on that. maybe then shell knock.

wish my fuckin vibrator still worked.

moms been talking about dying. shes like, "youd better move soon, cause ill be dead any day now". i should. poor jeff might have to suffer with me as a roommate again, very soon. ha. then id get to see james, like, once a month. jeff lives so far. lame.

oh, the only good thing i can think of that has to do with her is shes nice to james. though, shes nice to everyone who isnt me. to their face, anyway. the bad side to that is, james is starting to give me shit. last time he called, she picked up, then when i picked up and said "hang up", he told me what i should have said. i had to "heh" him.

there is a zit on the back side of my ear. its hurts like hell. i fuckin hate zits.

need to buy bras. diana warned me about this.

fuckin james!$!#$@!$#@$!
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