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shes still alive

i keep having visions of my moms skin ripping open, and waking up in a sea of ick. makes me wanna barf.

cant wait till i have a gym membership. im gonna drag yvette, and were gonna get scary buff ;o) in the meantime, i need to make space for yoga and tai chi in this room. maybe if i get rid of the bed.

i think im depressed. or bored. same shit ;o) i wanna do something fun. dont really wanna go to a club, though. where is all the fun at!$!#$@#! guess im more bored, than anything. not so sad, or unhappy. just dead. disinterested. numb. i hate this. maybe i wanna go to the beach. bet i feel this way cause ive had way too much time on my hands. its killing me. goin to the shop everyday was fun for me. i looked forward to it. now i dont have shit to look forward to. oh, wait. maybe i am depressed :oP but soooooon, ill be so busy i wont have time to be bored. i hope.

im gonna go reeead somethin. shampoo bottle.

oh, oh, oh. while cleaning out my bathroom drawer, i found my library card. woohoo. maybe ill do that tomorrow. thats free. hrm. what do i want to learn about...

jag is teachin me about monkeys. if anyone knows whats its like to be a monkey, its jag. thats fo sho :oP

oh, man. now i wanna go to the zooooo. shit. thats what i should do!#$!@$#!@!

no, wait. i wanna play pool. damnit. thatll cost me. library, i think it is. tomorrow.

think ill pop in a movie, and halfass watch it, while i halfass clean. shampoo bottle can wait.

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