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thank yall niggas

for help on my previous two posts. i feel a bit betta now.

ok, so weird thing. some dude asked me if he could help me pump my gas. i though i did something stupid that he noticed from his gas pump, so he offerd help. though i couldnt figure out what id done. maybe he thought itd be too difficult for me to handle, or somethin. i dont know. so he comes up and asks if i need help. im like, "its ok, ive got it. thanks." he walks away, gets into his car, and drives off. the fool wasnt even getting gas. what the fuck? if he was hideously ugly i might understand chasin down chicks, but he was alright. nice car, and didnt get all creepy when i said no. very strange.

i think james gave me his cold again. im so lucky my body can kick this shit. if i was anything like my friend franny, id have to run from him. shes alllways sick. but i never get sick, no matter how many people cough on me, so i figure i could take it. but every time i see him i feel icky again for a day or two. its just a good thing it never gets a far as whatever hes got. i thought his ass was better, but nope. if he doesnt take some time of, im afraid hes gonna dieeeeee.

i need to visit franny. sort of. more like her grandma, but if shes there, thats cool :oP i should do that when i leave james house. theyre in the hood.

i dont have any of the color i want to dye my hair. gots to go beauty supply store. scary. gonna need to focus. i need just one thing. hair dye. maybe ill go one with a 10 dollar bill, so i cant fuck myself.

speaking of fucking myself... nevermind.

its raining. im glad.
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