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think im gonna take me some elf pictures.

why i gotta look like an elf. its gay, cause i dont have the point ears. wish i had pointier ears. ooo, wonder if i could get me some pointy ears. if people can get fangs, i should be able to get me some pointy ears!#$@!#$!@!

tomorrow is a busy day. ive gotta be up and out earrrly, so i dont waste the day. if i wait too long, i wont wanna do a damn thing. once im done runnin around, think ill go hang at the library to keep entertained, instead of sitting here, bein bored. i should make a list of all that i have to do, so i dont forget. cause i will.

i hate coughing. glad thats over with. glad im not bleeding anymore, too. still want honey, though. mmm, honey good. think ill go eat the last of the honey. though, ill be sorry if i start coughing again before i get more. lame. i dont wanna go to the store till tomorrow.

i wanna blow 1000$ (i think it was) on a chair. its a good/bad thing i dont have the money to blow :oP

i cant wait to move. i did the math, and i should be ready in a few months. then im gonna get me that chair, and shitload of other things. liiiike, a laptop. aaand... dsl. thats pretty much all i want :oP first i have to pay off that stupid creditcard :o\ oh, gawd. student loans too. oh, yeah. but i got a deferment, so i dont gotta pay those for a while. awyea. the plan is to pay off the creditcard as much as i can, pay jeff back, possibly stay with him for a bit, then find me a place of my owwwn. itll take me some time to pay off the creditcard, and during that time ill be workin, so thall give me something to show apartment managers. not like last time, where i was all desperate for someone to rent to me, and jumped on the first one i was offered. ghetto. freelance will screw you like that (for a while, anyway). gotta work for someone.

im huuuuuuungry. think ive got pizzas. hope so. i dont wanna eat ramen. damnit, i dont wanna go to the store today. ive got to have spaghetti, or somethin else to eat around here. i want stirfry.

elvis pissed me off last time we spoke. havent spoke since. hes mean. oh, wait. i was mean. maybe i should message him.

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