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my mom is a beeeeeeotch. the other day she opened the door and told me to go to the store for her. i was fucking sleeping. needless to say, i didnt go. later i asked her what she wanted, and she got all bitchy . "i dont know now". so i said, "maybe ill go when i come home, then. figure it out." then i came home and since shes not letting me park in my parking space anymore, cause my car is leaking, and there hasnt been any fuckin parking around here. the last time i parked, i had to park sooooo far away, this time i found a spot way closer, and on the side that wont be having the street cleaner come by anytime soon. so i decided "aint movin". didnt go to the store. anyway, shes been cooking like, everyday. she acts all pissed at me like her 300+ ass is gonna starve to death, then cooks, and eats all of the food. just now, i woke up, went pee, smelt my favorite spaghetti, went to see if i would get to eat any. nope. fuck her. its not like theres a chance im gonna do shit for her now. ill eat ramen. again. oh, yeah. and i have one pot that i wash and reuse cause she never cleans. now shes using that, too. theres no room in the sink to even clean shit, and ive gotta clean my little pot after shes burnt whatever to it, so i can make ramen, of all things.

then theres the listening to her scream at the cats all the time.

blah, blah, blah.

i bet no one has written a reference letter for me.

think ill go back to sleep.

but, since she wont let me eat her food, i dont have to worry about eating her hair or cat hair. so i guess this is a good thing. shes nasty.

oh, and for a while there. there was no soap in the bathroom to wash hands with. i was using soap from the shower, and wanted to see how long itd take for her to put more soap in the pump. she never did. i took the soap out and put it on the counter, and just left it there. just walking around, and opening door knobs in this place makes me wanna barf.

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