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it was so windy today. i fuckin hate wind. i was supposed to get up early and do all kinds of shit, but i said fuuuuuck that. so i slept all about 1pm. i think. i forget. long time, though. i was hoping itd stop, but i didnt. it calmed down a bit later, though. heidi hoe called. talked to her for a bit. couldnt hear the wind anymore, so i decided to do at least one thing today, and that was my laundry. spent houuuuuuurs doing that damn laundry. too much fuckin laundry, and that wasnt even the end of it. hope its not windy tomorrow. ive got to make up for today, and then some. maybe even do a bit more laundry. i should probably sleep now. oh, its funny that i havent paid my internet account or my website account, yet theyre both still working. well, my internet and website email are, at least. not the actual website. when they hell they gonna cut me off? i think when they do, im done. im so bored with everything. i need a new toy life.

oook. so like, uhm... my website is working all of a sudden. how strange. and i still havent paid. wtf.

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