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so ill post.

ok, so i dont know how, but just after i posted my last entry, i passed out. i didnt think i could, but i was cold, and i wanted to get warm. so i turned on the heater, and got under the blanket. next thing you know, im out. then james calls. he got another day off, so i went to hang out some more, then sleep in (woohoo). id planned on hangin out a bit, letting him sleep, then reading that book till i could passout, or he woke up. sooooomehow i managed to passout just a bit after him. i think that brings us to date. today we went to the shop and i met his derby car, friends/co-workers, aaand i got to say hi to a few that id already met. that was cool, but i stared to get sleepy, so i took off. came home, went to sleep, got woken up(!), and now im here. bored off my ass. oh joy. oh, well. ive got shit to do, so its ok.

im so glad james doesnt watch tv and i dont lj from his house :oP

oh, i got cali on the bed again. it was so cute. i had cali, hans, and the book on one side of me. james on the other. its a good thing hes got a big bed. cali stayed on the bed for most of the night, till hans decided he was gonna try to lay on top of her. then he took over her spot on the bed. later he decided to lay on me/us. maybe he wanted the bed all to himself. hes like, "wakeup and get off of my bed!" :oP hes so funny. most cats will cuddle up to you. hans gets right on top of you and purrs loudly. sometimes he cuddles, but that leads to the draping himself over you, and/or eventually getting right on top of you. they talk, too. not whine. they come up to you, say their piece, and theyre done. theyre so cute. though, hans wants a *ton* of attention. james is a funny guy. cali just wants to lick you to death. she snores too. i like these cats. ill take pictures, cause theyre really pretty too.

my moms cats arent as cute. shes got the one cat that gives you dirty looks, whines at you, and if you try to pet her she either runs to mommy, or throws herself at you and wont go away (pooka). shes the youngest. the other two are brother and sister, i think. one is real sweet and afraid of *everything* (i forget his name. ive always called him "fluffy"). the other has an attitude, and hates pooka (i call her "pretty kitty" or, "my kitty"). though, now they both seem to hate pooka. pooka is like the brat stepchild of the family. none of the cats have ever really liked her. think im gonna try to get my kitty and fluffy when i leave here. doubt itll happen. my mom might let me take my kitty, but i wouldnt wanna separate her from fluffy, and i doubt my mom would give him up. fluffy is so cute. oh, well. maybe cail and hans will breakup, and i can take cali :oP

i also taught james how to talk to me so that i dont get annoyed, instead do what he wants. oooooops :oP

oh, and im gonna learn how to weld. sort of. im gonna help when james makes my cage, but eventually i wanna be able to make my own damn cage/stuff. i will master this! or not :oP

i better try to get back to sleep. i need to be up early (shower when you wakeup. no playing on the computer!).

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