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been gooone. sort of. was at james for a while cause he didnt have to work. the remainder of the time, i think i was sleeping. anyhow, no internet for a while. i didnt miss it.

oh, hung out with jerry for an entire night while he sculpted horns. i want me some horns. im gonna get me some horns. you think thatd be good enough, but noooooo. now i wanna make various costumes. hiedi might be movin back to la in a month, or so. thall make me sooo happy, cause then i can drag her out with me. she thought i used to be embarrassing before, wait still shes hangin out with super horny naomi. im gonna be topless, too. its gonna be great horny topless phallic naomi fun. mmmhmmm. this isnt even what i want to do for halloween, im just really bored. think ill wear it once and then put it on a mannequin, or somethin. maybe i should wear it on halloween. thatd make sense. or maybe ill become a furry :oP this might be the beginning(?) of naomi going insane. hopefully ill be rich soon (pffft), then i can live in my fantasy world for eeeeever and ever. thatd be nice.

dude, ive been logged out of lj. no wonder i couldnt see any screened comments. shiiiiit. i thought some of yous was just bein quiet. oh well. theres no way im goin back.

naomi, please dont forget to cancel your internet service by the 8th. thanks.

The Aries woman:
The Aries woman needs a crusade. She craves challenge, a cause to follow, a goal to reach, and constant new projects which excite and inspire her.

Aries women are natural executives and leaders, because their strength, courage, directness, conviction and originality give them both personal charisma and authority. They are action people, mentally, physically or both. You can't expect them to sit quietly at work taking abuse from the boss (there can only be one boss in Aries' world, and guess who that is), or standing over the oven waiting for the bread to bake.

This woman is not pliable, submissive or patiently forgiving. She won't smile sweetly when you behave insufferably. She is more likely to debate, argue, shout, throw a tantrum, storm out of the house, start an affair on the side just to punish you (and they'll make sure you know about it, too), or put her own career first.

She isn't going to give you constant cosseting and fussing, so don't expect to have your every need telepathically understood. If you've found a pliable, sweet-tempered Aries, watch out: she's repressed all that fire and one day it will burst out and burn you both. Ruled by Mars, her creative energy needs lots of different arenas, including the cut-and- thrust of the outer world.

Even if she's married, the Aries woman prefers playing the mistress to playing the wife. That's because she needs romance and challenge in her relationships. She can be ferociously independent, and that can attract her to a partner she can dominate. And then, of course, she'll get bored. She's liable to see you not only as a challenge, but as a fellow contestant. A lot of the time she really can do things better and faster than you can, and her natural wilfulness can be pretty bruising if you've got a fragile ego.

The Aries woman needs a good clean fight to clear the air and get her perspective back, and she respects an honest opponent who can meet her own honesty directly. Fighting is often her way of generating some heat in a relationship, too, if the passion has begun to wane. But don't play power games or employ manipulative tactics. She can't cope with sly inferences, dark undercurrents and subtle emotional pressures. She's defenceless against the veiled barb, and you'll undermine her confidence and crush her dreams if you try to control her with constant criticism, carping and denigration.

This woman is noble in spirit, and deserves nobility in return. She can be challenging to live with, but she's capable of tremendous heartfelt commitment and loyalty. She'll fight for those she loves, devote herself to them, work for them, believe in them, and inspire them. If you have an eggshell ego or a power problem, stay away from the Aries woman. But then you'd be missing an exciting, invigourating, generous, fiery spirit who merits not just affection but the deepest respect.

The Aries partner:
The joy of love, for the Aries partner, lies in the excitement of the chase. That means you can't ever let yourself become boringly predictable. Sensible and steady, yes; repetitive and narrow in your thinking and your vision, no. It's often a good idea to be a little reluctant in the face of an Aries' furious romantic declarations. You have to know how to play the game. And in a way, love is a game for the Aries partner. Not that it isn't serious, but it needs to be an adventure, a challenge, a constant exploration of new possibilities.

Aries people need to have a goal. Without the goal, life is meaningless. The goal can be long-term or short-term (short-term is usually best, since this sign isn't endowed with vast quantities of patience), but there must be a shining vision at the end of the chase. The Aries partner needs a quest, and is constitutionally incapable of settling into chronic domesticity without the feeling that there's a new challenge just around the corner.

When they want something, Ariens aren't subtle (unless you've found one of those frightened Ariens who lost the fighting spirit in childhood). No emotional blackmail or strategic planning or diplomatic statesmanship. Just a simple "Do it!" If you don't, you're liable to get a tantrum - a slammed door and an evening of frosty silence, or a verbal harangue, or a few smashed plates.

Ariens can be querulous, irritable and bad-tempered. When they're fired up about something, nothing else seems as right, as true, as self-evident. They simply don't notice that you have your own opinions, unless you shout at them. And they're often genuinely hurt if you think they're being selfish or egocentric. In fact, the Aries partner is no more selfish than anyone else, and frequently less so. She is just more honest about it. She can be warm, supportive and generous, and will usually believe the best about people until unpleasantly surprised. Meanness and spite bewilder and wound her, so don't unleash it.

Learn to be as direct, open and honourable as your Aries, and you'll fare much better. One way or another, you'll never be bored. Even repressed, insecure Rams aren't boring; their neuroses are always interesting, if taxing. If you want a stolid, placid mate, stay away from Aries. Her path in life isn't about contentment. It's about challenge, change and the pursuit of the great dream. Why not join in?

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