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decisions, decisions...

so, im thinkin about what i wanna be for halloween. i wanted to be something i could use a big dick for, like a fertility god such as pan (man/goat). then i could run around town all horny with my big dick. though, i could go with bastet (cat/woman) and that would give me an excuse to allow people pet me all night (wouldnt it?). what a difficult decision to make! :oP i really want a big dick, though. i thought maybe id go with mnewer (bull), but im not all big and buff. think im still gonna go with pan, cause i like the idea of havin a big dick and boobs. having a cats head doesnt sound like too much fun, though getting rubbed on is always nice ;o) oh, man. what has jerry started!#@$!$#@! james thinks i should use a copy of his dick for my costume. pffft :oP i was thinkin maybe babi (baboon/erect penis!). although eating shit and devouring unworthy souls is nice, i think i would rather prance around half naked and horny with my big dick and panpipe :oP plus im not built for that either. i wonder how many times im gonna change my mind before halloween :o\ i could also be khem (mummy), but then id have to wrap up my big dick :o\ maybe bes (ugly dwarf/prominent genitalia!) or beset (female version) if i were shorter. nature god is still in the lead. hrm, god of nature, or devil-bitch that wants to fuuuuuuuck youuuuuuuuu... to death ;o) yall nymphs betta watch out for her and her magical panpipe! lets do it like they do it on the discovery channel :oP damn, im never gonna come to a conclusion :o\ ghede or maman brigitte? whatevah. im hungry. pan is the winner for today.

colin is gonna sponsor my feet for 20$ a month. right on! ...i think :oP

james is mean. talkin his shit. dont he know its my fuckin birthday weekend? yes, he does. hrm... you know what. you know what! YOU KNOW WHAT!$#!@$@#! its ooon. is it time to go yet? i hate waiting :o\ pffft. PFFFT, I SAY!

whats funny is no matter how crappy today/tomorrow turns out (and im sure it can/will suck just as hard things can suck), it wont be nearly as shitty as previous years. im in an odd place. nothing can be done. im invincible :oP

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