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i need to see a doctor. to work, i need a written statement from an md that i dont have shit like A COLD, but mainly tuberculosis. i dont haaaaaave a family doctor. i can get the tb test, easily, but something stating that im free of contagious or communicable diseases? free clinics wont do it, and i aint gots no money. ahhhhhhhhh!$#@!$#@!

both, me and my mom are on a cleaning spree, cause my shes got people coming over. then i have to get out of the house for a few days. earlier i thought i had utill tomorrow, but ive got an extra day. so i need finish up and be out by wednesday. this is good, cause she reeeally needed to clean. so did i. it looked like an explosion in here. im throwing more shit away, and finding more shit to sell. this is a blessing in disguise, but still, ahhhhh!$#@!$@#!$#!

i still have my headset on from being on hold all day. its hurting my ears. ahhhhhhhhh!$@!$#!@!

now im all worried that i might have tb. ahhhhhh!$#@!$#!@!

back to cleaning. ahhhhhhhh!$#!@$#!$#@!

the rain is nice. ahhh!$!$#!@$! :oP

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