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if theres one thing im good at

just one fuckin thing. id says its pissing people off. boy, can i piss people off. if i could get paid to hurt peoples feelings, or irritate them, id be fuckin rich! :oP

i am so fuckin hungry. why i dont eat when i start to get hungry, i dont fuckin know. i feel like im gonna collapse. i should get up and make something, but then id have to leave this room and deal with my mom. that always sucks.

ill be in better mood once ive eaten. maybe if id have eaten earlier id have had a bit more patience. oh well.

man, ive got too much crap to do. i think i may have to ditch one thing or another, or else im not gonna be able to go out and playyy. guess i dont really need to do the rest of my laundry. its not the important stuff, anyway. it can wait till tomorrow morning. in fact, id be better off waiting till tomorrow morning, cause i dont want to have to wait for the big washers. blankets like the big washers.

i hate paperwork. i think i need a class on paperwork. where they just force me to do paperwork allllllll the damn time, sos i get used to it. i cant fuckin staaaaaand it. so boring.

ok. i neeeed to stop typing in this window, riiiiight nowww, or im gonna die. be back later.

ahhh. now that ive been fed, i feel much betta.

my hiedi hoe is movin back to california, soon. thats what she says, anyway. thatd be sooo cool.

ive been in a good mood lately. not sure why, though. its not like things are good, or anything. so youd think id be depressed, but i isnt. go meeeee.

damn, there are so many things i want to fuckin buy, but i aint gots no money. its frustrating. soon, though. ill have all the silly toys i want. until then, im just gonna continue to torture myself, and window shop. my first 424335456456 paychecks are already spent :oP

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