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ive decided. im fed up with just about everyone. people have been driving me crazy, especially my mother. and i was doing a pretty good job about being in a good mood, considering. evidently being happy doesnt involve others.

fuck. tomorrow i have to go to the wrap party for "angel". that means i have to wear, shoes, semi-decent clothes and makeup. i dont wanna. the things is, there will be people there i want to see, and of course, ill be hangin with elvis. hes a good time, and i neeeeeed a good time. though, at the same time i bet there will be people i dont wanna see. so this should be interesting. wonder if whats his face will be there. *teehee* :oP

haha. elvis says hell hold my hair if i get drunk and vomit. awyea. now im getting exited. if whats his face is there, itll be funny, cause he thought i was easy after one beer (i asked one of the guys if he was still there cause he wanted to go fuck. it was part of a joke, from earlier). and this time i plan on drinkin a hell of alot more than one beer :oP gotta love that elvis for takin care of me. hes good people.

ha. now im in a better mood. oh, well. people still suck. and not in a good way.

shit, i have to go get my letter from jerry in a few minutes. i dont wanna move. and i was just down the street from his house at 6pm, but we agreed on 8pm.

oh, yeah. i made a bit of money today. go me. if i didnt *have* to pay my car insurance, i think i might be able to afford my license right now. ill have to recount what ive got. i dont know how much ive been spending on gas, lately. thats the only thing i blow money on. fuckin shit. oh well, ill figure something out. im *this close*. *THIS CLOSE*.

fuck. man, with my first check, im gonna pay whatever it is i need to pay, then go shopping. mother fuckin shopping. mostly for shit i need, but also want, so it works out well. that will make me sooo happy. i love to buy shit, and i havent been able to do that in suuuch a looong time. its fuckin killing me. but then i dont want to buy anything for a while after that, cause ive got other things i want to take care of. like debits, and more money makin type stuffs. my debits truly are killing me. i hate owing money. its painful.

oh, ms. ho (shes asian) called me today. so were gonna have to hook up and hit the town. maybe even tonight. shes a whacky girl, so it should be fun.

i have to pee really really bad. wish id stop typing in this window, and go to the bathroom.

OH. i think i just thought of another source of cash. hrm, i may be ok after all. if not, at least im getting there. soon, baby, soooooooooon.

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