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i didnt barf of anyone!

so, i got good and drunk. good and dunk, dood and drunk! whats his face was there, and i didnt get all whacky nervous for once. though, i was pretty damn wasted. oh, i slapped him in the face (he said i could). that was fun. hes silly. i met his roommate on the dancefloor. he seemed cool. saw a bunch of the other homies. that was nice. wish i wasnt so fucked up by the end of the night, though. people kept comin by and talkin to me. who knows what they were sayin. were they sayin goodbye? makin fun of the drunk girl? what were they sayin? i was afraid to move, for fear id get sick. plus, i was freezin my ass off cause i was next to the patio. just a big mess. but now its over, and im glad. mostly glad i didnt barf :oP people were like where have you been? why havent you called? where are you working now? elvis wanted me to lie, or at least keep my mouth shut while he lied. i was like, "uhhh". i got lectured on how the first year is always the worst that i could be makin a shitload of money, i just need to get the ball rollin, cause then it wont stop. but its gonna be so much harder for me, cause im a chick. blah, blah, blah. anyway, im supposed to call the shop on monday. apparently theyre in meetings about some new project, and if they get it, im in. woohoo, i think. so, the party was fun. saw everyone all dressed up, n shit, which was cool. got drunk. didnt vomit. made it home safe. in my eyes, a complete success! :oP i just wonder how much of last night, ive forgotten.

oh, yeah. whoever figured i wouldnt get around to doing any girlie stuff, such as my hair or makeup, was correct.

that damn ho went out tuesday night without me. damn, her. i wanted to go! i havent been in foevah!@#!$%! what good is calling me from the place, when its that far? its not like i couldve said "ok, ill be right there". duh. at least i know who the mystery caller was, now.

im hoooooooongrrryyyyyyyyyyy.

bet i call the shop on monday, and its all, "who? why did i tell you to call, again? im sorry, i must have been drunk" :oP

think ill nap till 12pm.

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