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some people are idiots

yesterday sucked, cept for the part when i went to JPs house. you know, the dude who offered me oral sex and drugs. yup ;o)

oh, and the part where a certain fat boy came to cuddle and keep me warm. i love him.

i have a new friend. hes horny. hes from san francisco, but will be living in los angeles for a while.

speakin of sf, mr.g0sh is in town for e3, so i should be meeting up with him sometime before his departure.

my computer scared me the other day. there were all these crazy lines, and it was making funky noises. but as of yesterday, its workin fine.

i havent eaten since monday night. think ill do that today.

i really wanted to go to the beach, but i couldnt get ahold of anyone, and i didnt want to go by myself (car keeps dying). instead i spent a whole 5 seconds alone in the mountains. id have spent longer, but all of a sudden there was a major distraction.

i want/need to get on a workout kick. yvette is gonna help me, and im gonna help her. were gonna force eachother to go hiking :oP shouldnt be too difficult. i used to love it, she did/does too. though, its gonna be rough on me, cause i am sooo out of shape. i plan on getting a gym membership, too. one of theeeeese days. soon, soon, soon. its gonna be fucked up, though, cause i become addicted n shit. maybe i should get a membership to 24 hour fitness :oP

so, i need to learn how to cook. i dont want to eat crap food the rest of my life/much longer. when i have my own kitchen i hope to cook often, or at least on occasion. out of curiosity...

(you dont need to answer all of the questions before clicking submit)

what is your favorite type of food?

favorite dish?

goes well with?



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